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Corporate Management

Bar Chart

Jose L Beltran  

Chairman, Founder & CEO 


Inventor of the Jet-Hydro Reactor Storage Power Cell.


2 years drafting engineering.


17 Years of steel welding, fabrication, and Installation.


30 Years of executive business administration.  

20 years licensed general contractor, industrial, commercial and residential.


Former CEO of Beltra Inc.  

Former CEO Beltra Gold mining and exploration, Gold, Silver, and Copper with 29 years of experience in mining and exploration. 

Tanco/Chevron oil refinery SLC Utah: Oil deposit tank fabrication and installation.  


Maintenance Technician for Brahma at the Rio Tinto copper Mine in SLC Utah.  

Roar: manufacturing steel floating pontoons for offshore oil rigs. 

Bonnco Drilling: Deep oil & gas drilling. Motor and mud pump circulation technician.  

Copa Mex. Chihuahua Mexico:

Engineering and Maintenance technician


Roy L Beltran 

Board member & partner of Beltra Energy Corp.

President and senior executive of sales operations.

National and international sales development.

7 years sales executive

10 years of mining & exploration research.

6 years of residential and commercial construction



Lucy M Beltran

CFO, board member, and partner of

Beltra Energy Corp. 

MS accounting & data analytics. Arizona State University.

BS Accounting, University of Utah.


KPMG. Senior audit associate. 


Automation anywhere, certified advanced RPA. 

Certified celonis analyst.




Brady Wyllie.  

Financial data & analytics advisor 


Brady is an important team member.  

For the last five years, he has been a key player in internal energy and fluid dynamics analysis using data analytics and calculation programming for the Jet Hydro Reactor storage power cell.  


BS Finance, BS Math, University of Utah.  

MS Finance, The University of Texas at Austin. 

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