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Storing the energy of the Sun 


                The Jet Hydro Reactor Storage Energy Technology


Through years of research & development, engineering, innovation, design, and applying the latest available technology, we are building the world's first Jet Hydro Reactor Power Cell. The Jet Hydro Reactor Power Plant will store potential energy through the driving force of buoyancy and will harness the power of gravity through kinetic energy. Leveraging fluid dynamics using a highly pressurized water jet propulsion system to lift millions of balls to higher elevations and store them in an elevated mountain reservoir, just like a Pump-Hydro Energy Storage System, but without running water, or any water loss due to high water evaporation in hot summer days.   









In the heart of the Jet Hydro Reactor chamber, there is a state-of-the-art water jet propulsion system that creates a powerful water jet vortex that opens a portal in the water at the center of the reactor chamber. Once the portal is opened, the water jet vortex hoovers in thousands of balls per hour, where the force of buoyancy then takes over to lift the balls to the upper water reservoir and then out of the water into the mountain storage reservoir.  



















This is the only technology in the world that uses Buoyancy, Gravity, and kinetic energy to store unlimited potential energy. This is the smartest and most reliable electric-mechanical gravitational energy technology that man has ever built. 


Floating Balls 
are the ultimate solution to store renewable energy at utility scale. 



Never before in history has anybody used balls to store energy at a utility-scale, until now.

Standing balls at ground level have zero potential energy.


With 100 Jet Hydro Reactor Power Cells, we could Lift 65 million balls in a 10-hour day to a 2500 feet high mountain reservoir top, and the potential energy increases to 444.3MWH.

Solar farms and wind turbine generators next to high mountains are now the perfect combinations to store massive amounts of clean, green, renewable energy.     


                           "Let's store energy"


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