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The laws of thermodynamics are clear:
"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."
- Albert Einstein.

The four fundamental forces of energy are:

The strong nuclear force
The weak nuclear force.
Electromagnetic force. 
Gravitational force.

For the last 150 years we have been burning billions of tons of hydrocarbons and nuclear materials to produce energy.

Scholars & Scientists around the world have concluded that if we continue to use these forms of energy, our planet will fall into an unstable and irreversible state of global warming. 

Gravity may seem like the weakest force in the universe but the reality is far from our understanding and scientist today struggle to explain it. If gravity can hold our moon in orbit close to our planet, then Gravity can and will help us produce unlimited renewable energy.  

Let's make gravity produce energy for us.

To replace our current energy methods we must first have a new energy substitute.

To produce 1 MW of energy using: 

We need 64 Gram of Uranium or Plutonium.

1/2 metric ton. 

Crude Oil 
25 gallons.

10,000 cubic feet.



Replacing these other energy resources with gravitational energy is the best solution.  

Because it doesn't burn it doesn't produce any heat so it doesn't emit any C02.

By leveraging gravity using balls, we can store massive amounts of energy, ready to be used when the time is right. 

Using the Jet Hydro Reactor Storage Power Plant to store solar and wind energy at the lowest price of the day and delivering back to the grid during peak price is a high revenue strategy.

The Jet Hydro Reactor power plant is the only technology in the world that uses the influence of gravity, buoyancy, and kinetic energy to store potential energy and re-produce clean energy using only water and balls.

The world of gravitational energy

will now energies your future. 

Beltra Energy Corp

Real Clean Storage Energy. 




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