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Gravity Assisted Energy Storage

A breakthrough in Clean Energy Technology:

The Jet Hydro Reactor

By applying the power of Gravity and Buoyancy to the problem of energy storage we have achieved a breakthrough in energy storage technology. 
We are making a bold statement that our technology is the cleanest and most efficient energy storage solution in the world and we are out to prove it.

Abstract Background

The Jet-Hydro Reactor Storage
Power Plant.
(U.S. Patent Pending)

We are working to solve the renewable energy crisis and accelerate the worlds conversion to green energy by building the first utility-scale Energy Storage Solution that harnesses renewable energy while simultaneously storing energy from traditional renewable sources like solar and wind. 

Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Limit Global Warming and Climate Change. Commitment to

Using the same concept as Pump-Hydro, our solution stores green energy kinetically by raising a heavy object and storing it there for later release. We are like everyone else but with several unique advantages and one key difference;

We lift using Buoyancy.


Gravitational Energy & Buoyancy

Businessman hand holding The metaverse universe,night grow earth and global online network

Albert Einstein said:

"You can't blame Gravity for falling in Love"


Well, you can blame it for just about everything else!

You can't escape it - Gravity is everywhere!



From the earliest days of grinding on stone mills or traveling and fishing on small boats to modern times with dams for energy and transportation of goods around the world at open sea in humongous shipping transports; Humans have been harnessing the power of gravity and buoyancy for thousands of years yet the true power potential of this ever present force of nature has always been just out of reach, bringing us down, until now!


In 2020, this energy source was finally unlocked by a technology capable of harnessing its power, now we present it to you:

Jet Hydro Reactor Power Cell

 Conceptualized, Developed and Designed by Inventor and Entrepreneur

Jose L Beltran

In close collaboration with his son, Roy L Beltran, and thanks to several friends, supporters, and collaborators in many countries around the world.

Year Established: 2019

 "We are gathering a new, completely clean and renewable source of energy never before captured by human technology while simultaneously storing green energy to stabilize the clean energy sector in time to meet the Paris Agreement deadlines all without using rare earth materials or massive natural resource and repurposing nearly 50 Tons of waste material per every Megawatt of Storage energy we bring to market! This is the solution the world needs and we couldn't be happier that you are here to join us."
- Roy L Beltran Co-Founder & President



The future needs us to transition to renewable energy and we're close! But first we have to solve one big problem.

World stability is falling and we are facing major energy disruptions. People can no longer rely on a controlled energy supply from unstable and unpredictable countries. As well, the world has set lofty goals, in the Paris Agreement, of transitioning to renewable energy and participating governments around the world have concluded that tech like solar and wind are the best solution for the coming transition encouraging and supplementing new solar and wind farms...

Leaving just one big problem:

Markets producing wind and solar energy have extreme energy surpluses on sunny & windy days but lack renewable energy when it's cloudy, the wind is still, or late in the day and at night.


An efficient and reliable energy storage system that can store wind and solar energy at peak times and distribute the renewable energy as needed throughout the day and night is the solution.

All Solar and Wind energy farms around the world need to find a storage solution and fast. Many technologies are being developed, but the industry has yet to find a perfect 

Our solution is a completely new approach with several unique advantages that make it a clear winner over the competition:

Breakthrough Buoyancy Energy:

We create a powerful water jet pushing up on the bottom of a tall body of water where it reverses the high pressure of water and allows us to open a vacuum like opening directly below the jet where we can insert buoyant objects into the system with great speed where they will continue to rise gathering Buoyancy energy as they go - released later for energy. This is the only technology that adds energy to the equation during storage, resulting in positive efficiency.

AI Efficient:

Using "AI" technology to operate the Jet Hydro Reactor power plants, we can store and reintroduce up to 12 hrs of continuous, clean and renewable energy to the grid with little to no human effort - consistently operating at max efficiency with minimal wasted energy.

Extremely High Continuity:

By using smaller units of mass to store kinetic energy, we are able to release equally small units of energy systematically back to the grid; adjusting flow in less than a second to closely and instantly match demand thereby providing the highest level of continuity available-Crucial for several industries.

Undeniably Clean Energy:
Our Technology uses 48 Tons of Recycled and Recovered Waste Materials for every Megawatt of storage energy capacity while using No fossil fuels, No internal combustions, No C02, No chemical vapors, No radioactive nuclear materials, No continuous water consumption, No river use or blockage, No concrete dam reservoirs, No dirty water discharge, No solid waste, No expensive metal alloys, No Lithium Ions, No salts, and having a 95% Smaller Carbon Footprint* than leading alternatives with virtually zero negative environmental impacts after construction and throughout the life of operation.  *When compared to Pump-Hydro.

Minimal Physical Footprint:
Wildlife-friendly with zero loss of animals or environmental destruction. The JHRPP can be installed within cities and communities with a small physical footprint and minimum transmission grid lines. Just like any other industrial building.

Modular Design and Flexible Storage Capacity:
Easy assembly and compartmentalized design allows for easy maintenance and quick repairs with little to no down time and the JHRPP's storage capacity starts with 1 MW modular blocks that can be combined in any number to provide an unlimited combination of energy storage capacity options to fit the capacity needs of any market.

The JHRPP is undoubtedly the cleanest and most efficient solution available in energy storage and production. We are excited to bring this technology to market very soon.

Currently, we are in negotiations with potential partners for development and capital for prototyping and the construction of our first demonstrator.

After completing the demonstrator we will be raising capital to build our first Pilot Power Plant, estimated to be completed by 2024-2025.


We are accepting pre-orders and investor inquiries! If you are interested in the JHRPP our mission, our technology, or getting a seat at the table for the next big thing in energy, please email your inquiry to

Only Accepting Letter Of Intent - Down Payments Not Yet Available.

See our contact info and Sign Up for our quarterly news letter below! 

Beltra Energy Corp.

The solution to storage energy.

Proudly Developed in the USA. 


     The Jet Hydro Reactor Power Plant. 

       Model: JHRSPP-10MWH

Jet Hydro Reactor Storage Power plant .jpg
Jet Hydro Reactor Storage Power plant  side view .jpg
Beltra Energy Corp JHRSPP Building .jpg


Corporate Headquarters 

Pleasant Grove Utah, 84062

United States

For inquiries questions, comments or to request a meeting

please call:



email us at:


To apply for a position at Beltra Energy Corp, please send a cover letter together with your resume (C.V.).

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