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The future 
Gravitational Storage Energy 

The renewable energy industry is finally ready to bloom. Solar and wind energy are dominating the industry in such a way that surplus energy is abundant in many places.

But wait we need more!

We now need to add more massive storage energy to the mix, big enough and long enough for the new AI utility grid scale of the future than what we currently have.


 The Jet Hydro Reactor Storage Energy
Power Plant.

US Patent No.11,542,914

We are
building the best, and the longest-duration utility-scale gravitational energy storage technology in the world.


We strive to create the cleanest storage energy power plant by imitating the same principles of the Pump-Hydro Storage energy system located in high mountain reservoirs and by lowering maximum C02. 

Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Limit Global Warming and Climate Change. Commitment to
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Year Established



Gravitational Energy 

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"Earth is surrounded by unlimited potential energy

 For thousands of years, man has craved this unlimited energy resource.

In the year 2020, this energy was finally conquered by a technology capable of harnessing its power.

That Technology is:

 The Jet Hydro Reactor Power Cell"

Our future depends on storage energy













We are facing major energy disruptions. Governments around the world have concluded that renewable energy technologies like solar and wind are the best alternative energy source to drive the energy transition worldwide.
We now have a new reliable long-duration energy storage technology that will level intermittency and save surplus energy at any level. 

Current renewable energy and storage energy technologies will not be sufficient to meet the world's goals set forth in the Paris Agreement. Daily and periodic surpluses in solar and wind energy production demand viable long-duration energy storage without a solution. 
If Solar and Wind energy farms had reliable storage energy the entire industry would shift to a safer and more secure platform.   

The solution to safely store Solar and Wind energy is the Jet Hydro Reactor Storage Energy Power Plants. 
Using "AI" technology to run the Jet Hydro Reactor Storage Energy Power Plants, we will store and reproduce a minimum of 10 to 24 hrs of continuous clean renewable energy with little to no human intervention.


Our technology uses:
No fossil fuels, no internal combustions, no C02, no hot vapors, non-nuclear radioactive materials, no continuous water consumption, no rivers, no dirty water discharge, no solid waste, no expensive metal alloys, no lithium-Ions, no salts, 95% less carbon footprint with zero environmental impacts during production.  

100% electric, 100% continuous storage discharge, and 100% wildlife-friendly with zero animal loss, can be installed close to major cities with minimum transmission grid lines.

Our technology can be installed literally in any country in the world, including extremely hot or cold environments, mountains, deserts with dry mountain tops, etc.   

Our Storage Energy Power Plants start from as low as 10MWh up to 500MWH capacity with no intermittency or downtime in production.

                                         Beltra Energy Corp. 
                                     Storage Energy Solutions 
                        Technology Proudly developed in the USA. 

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Corporate Headquarters 

Springville Utah, 84663


For questions, comments or to schedule a meeting please call:

385-233-7395 or

email us at:

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